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Mayurdhar Devolla is the lead of operations at Indus Action, a policy implementation organisation that works to bridge the gap between law and action. He works closely with the state teams at Indus Action and enjoys working with the government. His long-term focus is on building solutions for a positive social impact in education, sanitation, sports, and the environment.

Articles by Mayurdhar Devolla

Three girls in primary school uniforms walking together_ Picture courtesy-Flickr

July 20, 2021
It’s time to reopen primary schools
Primary school closures during COVID-19 have put children at the risk of nutrition loss and impaired social and emotional learning.
Woman wearing a purple saree standing next to a sink-COVID-19 vaccine pregnant women

June 8, 2021
More must be done to protect pregnant women from COVID-19
Beyond including pregnant women and lactating mothers in India's COVID-19 vaccination drive, the government needs to ensure their safety by adequately monitoring side effects.
A painting of a pregnant woman in an Indian school classroom-PMMVY

July 17, 2020
We need to rethink maternity benefits
While pregnant women and lactating mothers are entitled to maternity benefits under the Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY), there is much to be done to strengthen the scheme and make it more effective.
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