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Meenakshi Gautham is a Research Fellow in Health Systems and Policy Analysis with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) where her work has explored different facets of India’s pluralistic health system at the primary level, with a special focus on maternal and child health. She is leading a research portfolio around the informal private health sector and ways of harnessing it both from a universal healthcare perspective and for addressing antimicrobial resistance in human and veterinary health. She is a leading advocate of mid-level providers’ training and deployment. Meenakshi holds a doctorate in Public Health and Policy from LSHTM and an M.Sc. in Child Development from the Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. She is the recipient of prestigious scholarships and grants such as from the Ford Foundation, India, and the Medical Research Council, UK.

Articles by Meenakshi Gautham

A women vaccinating a child

December 14, 2018
The key to universal health care
The law has not succeeded in reducing the informal healthcare market as there are not enough alternatives in place to provide universal healthcare. We need to now recognise the unique strengths of these practioners, and work towards training them.
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