Pushpa Kumari

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Pushpa Kumari is a younger generation Madhubani Mithila artist who has retained the Mithila paintings’ distinctive styles and conventions, while addressing new subjects such as women’s rights in India. Her works continue to draw on the theme of sexuality. Pushpa was trained by her grandmother, the acclaimed Mithila artist Maha Sundari Devi, one of the pioneering Madhubani artists to work on paper. Selling work since the age of 12, Pushpa’s uniqueness lies in her desire to experiment and develop new themes and treatments.

Articles by Pushpa Kumari

Madhubani art scene showing many people coming to the rice mill-self-help group

February 5, 2021
How a women’s self-help group saved an entire village
The story of a self-help group that boosted livelihoods and household incomes in Odisha, depicted through Madhubani art.
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