Saroj Mahapatra

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Saroj Mahapatra is the executive director at PRADAN, which is focused on expanding sustainable livelihood opportunities for rural families. Saroj has provided thematic leadership for irrigation and climate-resilient infrastructure creation and led projects orchestrating multistakeholder engagement in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh.

Articles by Saroj Mahapatra

a group of women standing in a field--community water conservation

May 26, 2023
How community ownership sustains water conservation
Learn why women from tribal communities in eastern and central India are integral to planning, building, and managing a sustainable water conservation system.
NREGA workers at a brick kiln workers_© ILO_COVID_19_migrants

May 8, 2020
NREGA in the times of COVID-19
As migrant workers return to their villages, rural India’s dependence on NREGA is likely to increase. Here’s how it can effectively reduce rural distress.
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