Saswata Ghosh

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Saswata Ghosh, PhD, is an associate professor at the Institute of Development Studies Kolkata (IDSK). He served as a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics and Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS). He worked with Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA), Doha; Centre for Health Policy (CHP), ADRI, Patna; Population Council; and Council for Social Development, New Delhi, in various capacities. He is currently serving as a member in International Advisory Board of Asian Population Studies Journal by Routledge.

Articles by Saswata Ghosh

Three girls in blue and white school uniforms on bicycles. Why does child marriage persist in Bihar

April 12, 2022
Child marriage in Bihar: Why does it persist?
More than two out of five girls are married early in Bihar. Here are some reasons why child marriage remains prevalent in the state and some ways to discourage it.
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