Madhu Joshi

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Madhu Joshi, Senior Advisor, Gender Equity and Governance at Centre for Catalyzing Change or C3 (formerly CEDPA India), has more than 24 years of progressive experience with women’s organisations, national and international development agencies. Her thematic expertise extends across a range of gender issues, including violence against women, women’s political empowerment and reproductive health and rights. Madhu leads C3’s work on gender, including interventions focused on advocacy and programmes.

Articles by Madhu Joshi

Three girls in blue and white school uniforms on bicycles. Why does child marriage persist in Bihar

April 12, 2022
Child marriage in Bihar: Why does it persist?
More than two out of five girls are married early in Bihar. Here are some reasons why child marriage remains prevalent in the state and some ways to discourage it.
A few women in sarees laughing

September 26, 2018
Promoting women in grassroots governance: Strategies that work
Despite constitutional provisions, women face many barriers when they participate in local governance. However, this is slowly changing, and efforts to address these barriers are underway.
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