Shachi Nelli

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Shachi Nelli is a marketing and communications professional. She has worked with a variety of companies and nonprofits to provide research, organisational inputs, and build effective campaigns. Beginning her career in the start-up industry, she moved to the development sector in 2016 and has since led several rights-based national and local campaigns on gender equity, public health, and active participation in governance. She is keenly interested in exploring the intersection between public policy, communication, and governance and hopes to run for public office someday.

Areas of Expertise

Governance, Advocacy, Community-based Programs, Citizen Engagement

Articles by Shachi Nelli

Citizens of India at a candle light march

October 13, 2022
How to be an active citizen in India
A handy guide on the many ways in which citizens can engage with the government beyond voting, and make a difference in policy at a local, state, and national level.
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