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Shevika is the founder of Kuviraa, a non-partisan initiative that aims to build political engagement and leadership in girls across India. Prior to this, Shevika managed Ashoka’s Changemaker Schools programme in South Asia and worked at the Directorate of Education in Delhi on capacity building for government teachers. Shevika serves as a consultant at the India Climate Collaborative and has earned a master’s in Public Policy from the University of Oxford as a Chevening Scholar.

Articles by Shevika M

A woman with a mic in a pink saree talking to a gathering of women

January 28, 2022
Why isn’t a career in politics aspirational for girls and women?
Women’s representation in Indian politics has a long way to go. As we prepare for five state elections in 2022 and a general election in 2024, we must find ways to engage girls and women in political processes.
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