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Sneha Menon is co-founder and researcher at InsightsApplied. Her work spans gender, labour, social policy and governance. She has a background in economics and math. She currently works as an economist in West Africa.

Articles by Sneha Menon

A woman in Tamil Nadu, India, laying bricks- female labour and workforce participation- Picture courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

August 21, 2019
Women and work: Examining India’s policy landscape
While policymakers recognise the potential that women have to further India’s economic growth, women-oriented policies need more thought.
Indian woman in Jaipur weaving a rug

June 28, 2019
Women’s workforce participation: What we need to know
This report uncovers trends, identifies data gaps, and makes actionable recommendations for policy design—through a meta-analysis of India's female labour participation.
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