Somya Bhatia

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Somya Bhatia works as a project executive with SRIJAN India, a nonprofit organisation working in livelihood, health, and agriculture in rural India. Previously, she has worked in rural and semi-urban areas of Haryana on research and implementation projects aimed at empowering women and girls through education, skill development, and sports. Her interest lies in exploring gender and its interaction with other social and cultural aspects of an individual’s identity, and how these insights can make development programmes be more inclusive.

Articles by Somya Bhatia

Two Ashas, their face covered with red dupattas, giving medicines to a person. Community healthcare workers were crucial to India’s COVID-19 response. They need better pay and training for their well-being.

September 22, 2021
Community health workers deserve better working conditions
Community health workers played a crucial role during COVID-19. This study from Bundelkhand tells us why better pay and training is critical for their well-being.
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