Sumita Kasana

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Sumita Kasana has a decade of experience in knowledge management, curating and developing knowledge from practice for wider dissemination. She is the primary architect of Sampark.Net, an online knowledge management and idea exchange platform promoted by PRADAN, where she worked for 17 years. In 2022, she co-founded Cognisphere, a knowledge and development service enterprise. Sumita has a master’s in food nutrition from Lady Irwin College.

Articles by Sumita Kasana

A woman in a saree stranding outside her house with chickens roaming around her_livestock livelihood

July 13, 2022
The benefits and challenges of small livestock farming in India
Rearing small livestock like poultry, goats, and sheep has the potential to deliver economic benefits to women, Adivasi communities, and other marginalised groups. Here’s how different stakeholders can build the ecosystem.
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