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Uma Chatterjee is the co-founder and executive director of Sanjog, a technical resource organisation based in Kolkata. Sanjog works with governments, civil society organisations and businesses, as well as individuals and collectives to combat violence against children and women. As a clinical psychologist, psychosocial trainer, and researcher, Uma’s experience lies in developing and implementing training tools and capacity building workshops, facilitating trauma support groups, and research in the area of child and adolescent psychology. Currently, Uma is co-authoring a book on sexuality, power, and violence in workplaces.

Articles by Uma Chatterjee

A child offering a paper flower_human trafficking_uma sanjog

November 20, 2019
Fighting the spectre of stigma
Stigma acts as a major roadblock in the healing process for survivors of trafficking. Here's a five point approach we can use to mitigate it.
An Indian woman looking outside a window in a wall

August 29, 2019
A disorganised response to an organised crime
Human trafficking is perhaps one of the most well-organised crimes in India, but our fight against it has been fragmented and inadequate.
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