Uthara Narayanan

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Uthara heads Buzz India, a mobile academy providing doorstep training (knowledge, skills and tools) in financial, entrepreneurship and personal leadership skills to low-income women to support them to become financially literate, personally empowered and capable of planning and developing new businesses and services that provide livelihood opportunities for communities. Uthara has been a development sector professional since 2009, with specialization in grassroots community engagement, government policy review, policy deployment assessment, gap analysis, process improvements and advocacy. A cost and management accountant, Uthara holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce and a diploma in youth in development.

Articles by Uthara Narayanan

Red Files

March 20, 2018
Five tips to manage your finances better
Nonprofits can make significant savings in time and effort when they streamline their finances and create a culture of accountability within their various teams.
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