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Vani Viswanathan is a development communications professional with more than 10 years of experience in storytelling and campaign management for nonprofits and corporates. She is especially interested in the areas of gender and sexuality and their role in development and access to human rights. At Gram Vaani, she highlights stories of people in India’s heartlands and urban low-income communities through long-form writing and social media. 

Articles by Vani Viswanathan

Person using a mobile phone_©Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/Sanjit Das_financial inclusion

November 23, 2021
Why it’s so hard to raise issues with India’s financial services
The banking sector’s digital grievance redressal system needs to solve for gender barriers and limited access to technology.
People standing in line getting their temperature checked by a person wearing a PPE kit-response to COVID-19 second wave

June 1, 2021
India’s COVID-19 response limited by strong urban and tech bias
India's response to the second wave of COVID-19 glosses over the lack of infrastructure and technology know-how in rural India.
Women workers working on site-COVID-19_NREGA_picture courtesy: Flickr

November 19, 2020
How has NREGA fared during lockdown?
Often the sole source of income for rural households, NREGA has been plagued with issues during the pandemic. Insights from the ground explain why.
People standing close to each other in a line with no physical distancing in the hospital in samastipur during COVID-19-social welfare- picture courtesy-Mobile Vaani

June 11, 2020
Our welfare system is broken
The COVID-19 crisis has exposed deep cracks in our social security and welfare delivery systems. Here’s what we need to do to build long-term and resilient solutions.
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