Vineet Bhandari

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Vineet Bhandari is an associate partner at Dalberg Advisors. He has experience working on issues such as gender, access to entitlements, digital agriculture, financial inclusion, and urban development.

Articles by Vineet Bhandari

two masked women standing; the woman to the right has a baby in her arms-

August 11, 2021
Gender bias, unemployment, and COVID-19
Women from low-income households are bearing an unfair burden of the socio-economic impact of COVID-19. What are some policy interventions that can support a gender-inclusive employment recovery?
one man looking at his smartphone, another one drinking tea

August 1, 2017
Using fintech for financial inclusion
Technology can be a game changer for driving financial inclusion in India. Here's how policymakers can make it meaningful and truly inclusive for the base of the pyramid.
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