February 22, 2021

Coping with yet another lockdown

With rumours of India going into another round of a nationwide lockdown, here are more Raja Ravi Varma memes to help you tide through.

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Sourced from @rajaravivarmamemes.


A painting of a woman presenting a baby to a man who is turned away. Woman representing 2020, baby-Covid-19, and the man-2021-lockdown


A woman dressed in a saree sitting still-when you smell coffee but you cannot have coffee because it triggers your anxiety, but you need coffee in your life, you cannot live without coffee, like you need coffee right now-lockdown


A man embracing a woman with a deer next to them. Man being covid-19, woman-anti-maskers-lockdown



an old person sitting-when you want to wear your 'nice' clothes but you also don't want to make the effort but you also don't want to wear your sweats again-lockdown


A man asking for alms from a woman who is looking away. Man representing groceries I ordered that need to be cleaned, woman representing -me pretending I don't see them-lockdown


A woman sitting, holding papers looking upwards-when people respond with a thumbs up to your long paragraphs, especially when you don't get to see them during the #lockdownlife-lockdown
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