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Anjali Neelakantan leads the Data and Tools programme at the Water, Environment, Land and Livelihoods (WELL) Labs, a research centre in the Institute of Financial Management and Research Society. The project she most recently led involved applying the agent-based modelling method to understand how farmers respond to solar irrigation in different parts of India. She holds an MSc in Environmental Economics from the University of East Anglia, Norwich.

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Articles by Anjali Neelakantan

solar panels in an agricultural field_government schemes

February 21, 2024
Do we need to rethink how government schemes are tested?
Pilots typically precede mass rollout of government schemes, but their success in India's diverse contexts may vary. Are simulations a more efficient alternative?
two farmers standing in a field-carbon credits

May 11, 2023
Climate mitigation: Can carbon credits ensure farmers don’t pay the price?
Reducing carbon emissions in agriculture is important, but placing the burden on farmers is unfair. A robust carbon credit system can safeguard their interests as they switch to sustainable practices.
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