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The John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation has been active in India since 1990 and maintained an office in New Delhi since 1994. Since 2015, the foundation has been supporting India’s growing national, regional, and global leadership on climate change as part of its Climate Solutions programme. The foundation also recently contributed towards the country’s equitable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.


a woman hauling a wheelbarrow full of waste--waste-pickers

June 1, 2023
Is there a role for informal waste pickers in the new waste economy?
As the waste management industry grows, little attention is being paid to working with and integrating informal waste pickers, who have picked and sorted solid waste in invisibility for decades.
two farmers standing in a field-carbon credits

May 11, 2023
Climate mitigation: Can carbon credits ensure farmers don’t pay the price?
Reducing carbon emissions in agriculture is important, but placing the burden on farmers is unfair. A robust carbon credit system can safeguard their interests as they switch to sustainable practices.
A woman looming silk_muslim women

April 21, 2023
Muslim women workers in India: What the data doesn’t tell us
The pandemic made it easier for middle- and upper-class Muslim women to find jobs, but lower-income households struggled. Migrant workers from the community also remained invisible.
kirit parikh blue background--climate crisis

March 24, 2023
IDR Interviews | Kirit Parikh
A glimpse of the remarkable life of Dr Kirit Parikh, who has been an integral part of India's public policy landscape for almost five decades.
A man helping another man in loading sweet sorghum stover into truck_agriculture in andhra pradesh

February 28, 2023
The changing face of agriculture in Andhra Pradesh
Repeated use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides over the years has resulted in poor soil health, pushing farmers in Andhra Pradesh to explore natural farming methods.
motorbikes and autos stuck in traffic-urban governance

February 8, 2023
Are citizens in Bangalore giving up because of poor governance?
Civic enthusiasm garnered during the pandemic has lost steam in the face of political fluidity and administrative apathy.
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