Season 1     EPISODE 3
October 29, 2021

When failure is part of the feminist process | Disha Mullick

Disha Mullick, CEO of the feminist media enterprise Chambal Media, shares how she failed to put into practice what a truly feminist organisation should be in the midst of difficult organisational changes.

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Disha Mullick is the CEO of Chambal Media, a company that produces media for rural audiences. Chambal Media runs Khabar Lahariya, a news brand where women from remote villages in North India are trained to be professional journalists and produce local news in their languages, from their perspectives. Disha has a master’s degree in gender studies from the University of Warwick, and has been an Acumen Fellow. She has previously worked in publishing and as a journalist.


“Failure is often a feeling that comes and goes; it’s not a tangible car wreck. It may not look like failure at all on some days, when you have your Wonder Woman suit on. But I do see these losses as important personal failures, even if they involve others’ accountability and responsibility. They have shown me aspects of my personality that are difficult to work with.”

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