October 28, 2022

Diwali gifts for your nonprofit friends

Tired of the home-made diyas? Try this instead.

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1. Truth bombs

Carry these in your bag every time you go to a funder meeting or out for coffee with your friends from the corporate sector. That way the next time someone talks about their donations going ‘only to the people who need it the most’ you can drop one and walk away. Never settle for responding with just an eye roll again.

2. A light (at the end of the tunnel)

Okay so maybe you will never live long enough to see the impact of your work, but at least this way you can be reminded of the fact that—according to your current pay rate—you can retire comfortably at 85.

3. A magic 8-ball that’s always on your side

Do you have decision fatigue? Or even worse, are you feeling guilty for saying you can’t spend your third consecutive weekend at an in-person conference? This magic 8-ball is wired to just say no. And, by making the decision for you, it takes away the guilt too.

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4. Fun-ding

A bell that goes off every three weeks reminding you to follow up with that one funder who really did promise they’d respond to your proposal soon.

5. Climate lens

Because how else will you get funding this year?

6. A bobblehead replica

Tired of hours spent in government offices nodding along to every suggestion? Introducing a bobblehead replica—they’ll do the nodding so you can concentrate on finishing your fifth cup of chai for the day.

7. An old-fashioned voice recorder

Stop spending every family gathering convincing everyone that your job is real (you’re not volunteering), the social sector is not ‘corrupt’ (where will the money to corrupt it come from), and that you aren’t wasting your potential. Record your speech once and press play.

You can find some more nonprofit Diwali gift ideas here.

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