February 20, 2023

Gyaan from Pathaan

A Pathaan dialogue for every development sector situation.

2 min read

1. While dealing with government bureaucracy

shahrukh khan saluting--nonprofit humour

2. Networking at your third conference of the week

john abraham smirking in an airplane and saying, "I'm having a blast, are you?"--nonprofit humour

3. When your colleague gives you ‘constructive’ feedback

deepika padukone saying, "main ek soldier hoon pathaan"--nonprofit humour

4. When you’re talking to HR about giving you the bonus you were promised three years ago

john abraham saying, "Yeh negotiation nahi, ultimatum hai"--nonprofit humour

5. When succession planning is underway

salman khan and shahrukh khan saying, "Humein hi karna padega"--nonprofit humour

6. During a funder pitch meeting

shahrukh khan and deepika padukone in the music video of pathaan--nonprofit humour

7. When the funding finally comes through

shahrukh khan firing a gun--nonprofit humour

8. When you finally give your desk life a break and go on your first field visit. But at the end of the day, you realise something may be breaking (and it’s not your will)

shahrukh khan saying "ahh, my lower back" nonprofit humour
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