September 11, 2023

Joining the social sector: Boomer vs Gen-Z

Whether it’s a career-switch or your first job, the world of nonprofits may seem poles apart to a 40-year-old and a 20-something.

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1. Going on a field visit

When your non-profit has just announced a day-long field visit, and the email says: “Don’t forget to wear comfortable walking shoes.”

In your 40s: The thought of Walking. All. Day.

mr india disappearing--nonprofit humour

In your 20s: Finally, a free excursion (hopefully, with free food)!

johnny lever saying, "Abhi maza aayega na bhidu."--nonprofit humour

2. Getting your first paycheck

You receive your first tax-deducted salary.

In your 40s: You miss your 8-figure paycheck, and after the panic settles down, you remind yourself that you’re doing this for social good.

a wistful akshay kumar thinking about selling his kidney--nonprofit humour

In your 20s: You do not miss your 0-figure internship stipend.

akshay kumar, paresh rawal, and sunil shetty plotting in phir hera pheri--nonprofit humour

3. Going to a seminar

You attend your first dev-sec seminar where everyone’s speaking in acronyms and you can’t understand a word of their jargon.

In your 40s: You want to seem relevant, so you ask a question nonetheless.

anushka sharma crying--nonprofit humour

In your 20s: You turn to IDR memes to understand what’s what.

tiger shroff in war, saying, "Jo seekha hai, aapse seekha hai."--nonprofit humour

4. Coffee

You learn that coffee/ tea will only be served twice a day. For refills, there’s the chai tapri outside the office.

In your 40s: Coffee will be served only twice a day? You miss your corporate butler.

alia bhatt crying, "Mujhe ghar jaana hai."--nonprofit humour

In your 20s: FREE coffee will be served TWICE a day.

govinda saying to salman khan, "Itni khushi mujhe aaj tak nahi hui."--nonprofit humour

5. FCRA lost = Salary cut

You can stay and work for the cause you love, or look for greener pastures.

In your 40s: You ask yourself if you’re prepared to give up the good fight (even though you haven’t set up a retirement fund yet).

amitabh bachchan as a lawyer in the film pink--nonprofit humour

In your 20s: You choose to stay and be stoic about it.

a young shah rukh khan looking deadpan--nonprofit humour
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