July 26, 2021

You do the math: Part II

It turns out working in social impact or at nonprofits is almost as ridiculous as the math problems we used to solve in school.

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Sneha’s organisation has 20 days of paid leave in a year for each employee. They also have 1 day of menstrual leave every month for female team members. If Sneha occasionally needs 2 days off a month for her period, how long a holiday can she plan with her family?


Consider this:

  • Restaurant A has 20 chairs outside for COVID-19-safe seating.
  • Restaurant B has no outdoor seating but a discount every Monday for lunch.
  • Restaurant C has a small balcony (that fits 3 chairs), but lets people sit for hours even if they only order 1 coffee.

Where is a COVID-19-conscious team, with no budget for staff outings, more likely to have their strategy meet?

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A pharmacy usually has profits of more than INR 20 crore. Of this they give 2 percent to CSR. During the pandemic, their profits increased to INR 30 crore. By what proportion has the salary of their CEO increased?


A pizza shop has 3 pizzas left at the end of a workday. A nonprofit leader goes in and buys 2 of them for his team. How many hours will he spend filling out the expense report to explain this to his funder?


Arjun has 50 toy cars at home. At the request of his mother, every year he donates 5 of these to a charity. However, he also receives another 10 cars on his birthday yearly. Which newspaper is likely to publish his story?

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