February 13, 2023

Nonprofit pick-up lines: Part IV

Valentine's day is near, but do not fear! We've got some of the best #NonprofitPickUpLines for you here.

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I’m on the wrong side of the romantic capital divide. Are you interested in some equitable redistribution?


Will you keep sitting at this bar until the average temperature rises by 2 degree Celsius or shall we go to your place?


I know a place where they fund institutional capacity. Want to go there?


You’re my favourite model. Can I be your target beneficiary?


Are you an unrestricted grant? Because you just fell from heaven.


Can I buy you a coffee? The grant’s paying for it.


Are you an approaching grant deadline? Because you make my heart race.


I have a proposal for you. Where can I apply?


Want to Netflix and chalk out a strategic plan?

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