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Saloni Meghani is an editorial consultant at IDR. She has been a journalist, editor, and writer for more than 25 years. She has worked with organisations such as The Telegraph, The Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, Netscribes, the Tata Group, ICICI, and NYU. Saloni has a master’s in literature from the University of Mumbai and an MFA in Creative Writing from New York University.

Areas of Expertise

Functional: writing, editing, communications, research

Articles by Saloni Meghani

hum sath sath hain_g20

September 4, 2023
G20 country positions explained—Bollywood style
With G20 around the corner, you must be wondering what each country is doing. Worry not, we got you.
a woman hauling a wheelbarrow full of waste--waste-pickers

June 1, 2023
Is there a role for informal waste pickers in the new waste economy?
As the waste management industry grows, little attention is being paid to working with and integrating informal waste pickers, who have picked and sorted solid waste in invisibility for decades.
Four women gathered around a tap trying to fill their steel pots with water_water scarcity

March 14, 2023
Reversing decades of water scarcity: What it takes
For decades Adivasi hamlets in Nashik were parched for up to eight months each year. Learn how a multi-pronged solution that responded to the local context and the unique needs of the community changed this situation.
A still from Niranjan Kujur's Going Home_Adivasi movies are needed

March 3, 2023
Adivasis need cinema more than anyone else
Film-maker Niranjan Kujur talks about the portrayal and representation of indigenous communities in films and makes a case for more funds and festivals.
Five kids posing in front of the camera_pastoralists in kashmir

February 21, 2023
Why do pastoralists in Kashmir struggle for education?
Seasonal migration, low income, and caste-based discrimination are among the reasons why pastoral, nomadic tribes like Gujjar Bakarwals and Chopans struggle to access education.
A pair of frogs holding hearts_nonprofit humour

February 13, 2023
Nonprofit pick-up lines: Part IV
Valentine's day is near, but do not fear! We've got some of the best #NonprofitPickUpLines for you here.
motorbikes and autos stuck in traffic-urban governance

February 8, 2023
Are citizens in Bangalore giving up because of poor governance?
Civic enthusiasm garnered during the pandemic has lost steam in the face of political fluidity and administrative apathy.
a village in assam under lockdown during covid-19-mental health

November 16, 2022
Post COVID-19, a mental health crisis is brewing in Assam
Variations in culture and terrain at the last mile make mental health support challenging in the state.
Group of women in a field_rural women

November 1, 2022
Rural women empower a model that thrives
SSP’s investment in rural women builds their confidence to assume public leadership roles and helps them promote climate resilience, food security, and more.
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