January 9, 2023

Overheard at a nonprofit holiday party

What are parties if not a chance to vent?

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“Our manager asked us to make a wish list for secret santa and I almost laughed out loud.”

“What did you end up putting on it?”

“A new coffee mug”

“What did you want to put on it?”

“A pay hike. Better benefits. More time off. Or okay, just get my manager moved to a different team.”

Overheard at the bar (a solemn shot was taken shortly after)


“Have you noticed an increase in the out of office emails that include the person’s favourite song or poem, or even better, a movie recommendation? It’s like they’re really rubbing the fact that they have time to develop personalities in your face –  while you’re clearly still at your desk, writing emails.”

Overheard in the kitchen, while the snacks were being opened


“There is no way to work in social impact and also be well-liked at a party. I have no money to travel, no time for hobbies, and nobody wants to hear about how India’s energy policy is going to cause more marginalisation while they’re on their third drink for the night.”

Overheard outside the party venue 

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“I’ve met every single person at this party at a conference in the past month. It’s funny, now that I have a drink and I’m in more comfortable clothes, I really don’t despise them as much as I did last week.”

Overheard on a swing set, on the balcony 


“You know, say what you will about the nonprofit sector, but the one thing we really know how to do is throw a great party. Look at this room—people have brought homemade food, everyone pitched in for drinks, the playlist is superior, the cats are friendly, and you know for a fact that as soon as the dancing starts, it’s going to be hilariously perfect.” 

“I guess when you take a break only 1-2 times a year, you really do go all out.”

Overheard over a shared smoke

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