January 24, 2022

POV: Your boss watched too many patriotic movies

Your boss spent the weekend before Republic Day watching all these movies and now you can’t catch a break.

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You: Look over the company’s diversity targets and realise you are nowhere close to meeting them

Your boss:

Shah Rukh Khan quote from Chak de India-nonprofit humour


You: Are working on ‘V_Final1_Final2_Final Inputs_Final January Version’ of a funder deck, wondering when it will be actually done

Your boss:

Amitabh Bachchan in a still from Lakshya-nonprofit humour


You: Ask whether your nonprofit’s founders have an exit plan in place

Your boss:

Shah Rukh Khan quote from Swades-nonprofit humour


You: Request to let the team reconsider February field visits in light of Omicron

Your boss:

John Abraham quote from Parmanu-nonprofit humour


You: Ask your boss why they joined the social impact space after five years in banking

Your boss:

Aamir Khan quote from Rang De Basanti-nonprofit humour


You: Enquire if your organisation will consider increasing sick leaves or extra paid time off in light of the pandemic

Your boss:

Sunny Deol quote from Border-nonprofit humour


You: Overhear a conversation between your boss and primary funder, in which your boss is explaining the organisation’s impact numbers for the year

Your boss (at the end of the call):

Anupam Kher quote from The Accidental Prime Minister-nonprofit humour


Your boss: Appreciates you for going ‘above and beyond’ on a project

You (having given in and watched all the movies yourself):

Akshaye Khanna quote from Border-nonprofit humour
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