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January 25, 2021

Spotted: Nonprofit CEO at Republic Day parade

What would the annual Republic Day festivities look like, from the perspective of the CEO of a nonprofit?

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1. When you climb the corporate ladder and emerge victorious (with enough of your soul left intact for you to join the social sector)

Man standing on ladder on a bike-Republic Day

2. When you look at your annual budget and don’t want to face your donors

Man sitting backwards on a bike-Republic Day

3. Your department heads when you tell them that they need to stop squabbling and work together if they want a proper off-site trip this year

Teamwork stunt on bikes-Republic Day

4. When you have the solution, but you haven’t zeroed in on the problem as yet

A man holding a spanner-Republic Day

5. When you practice your power pose just to feel a sense of achievement (that no amount of grant proposals and meeting targets will achieve)

Soldiers performing stunts on a bike-Republic Day
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