February 7, 2022

Work life in your 20s vs your 40s

Why yes, we like to troll ourselves and you at the same time.

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Work life in your 20s vs your 40s-nonprofit humour
Work life in your 20s vs your 40s-nonprofit humour
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Elisha Vermani-Image
Elisha Vermani

Elisha Vermani is a digital communications analyst at IDR. She is responsible for developing strategies to enhance audience engagement and develop IDR’s digital identity. Elisha has previously written for The Hindu, Ungender, and IndianFolk Opinion.

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Smarinita Shetty

Smarinita is co-founder and CEO at IDR. Prior to IDR, Smarinita worked at Dasra, Monitor Inclusive Markets (now FSG), JP Morgan and The Economic Times. She also co-founded Netscribes–India’s first knowledge process outsourcing firm. Smarinita has a BE in Computer Engineering and an MBA in Finance, both from Mumbai University.