March 28, 2024

“A philanthropist’s job is to connect the dots and build synergies”

Rekha Koita, co-founder of Koita Foundation, talks about her journey as a philanthropist and shares her excitement about the future of giving in India.

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Rekha Koita is the director and co-founder of Koita Foundation, an organisation that works on digitally transforming nonprofit operations to optimise processes and use data and analytics to drive performance and growth.

She was previously a management consultant at Accenture where she conducted corporate training for several Indian and multinational organisations and nonprofits. Since starting her philanthropic journey in 2016, Rekha has been focused on leveraging technology for positive change within the nonprofit sector.

In this interview, Rekha Koita reflects on the potential of the current philanthropic landscape in India and her role in it as a donor. She also talks about visionary founders, many of whom are young and driven, spearheading initiatives that promise to reshape communities for the better.

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