Alessandra Mezzadri


Alessandra Mezzadri is a senior lecturer in development studies at SOAS, University of London. She holds degrees in economics from La Sapienza, Rome, and in development studies from SOAS, where she completed a PhD on the ‘making’ of cheap labour in the Indian garment industry. She writes and teaches on issues related to inequality and trade, global commodity chains and production networks, labour informality, informalisation and labour regimes, global labour standards, CSR and modern slavery, feminisms in development, gender and globalisation, approaches to social reproduction and reproductive labour, and India’s political economy.

Articles by Alessandra Mezzadri

Yarns aligned together at a loom

November 1, 2019
Life after the garment factory
Many women workers leave factories when they are still relatively young. What happens to them after they leave the sweatshop?
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