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Bijal Brahmbhatt is currently Director, Mahila Housing SEWA Trust (MHT). She is a civil engineer by training and a recognised expert in habitat improvement, community development, and housing finance. She oversees MHT’s operations at the national level. She has proven experience in conceptualising, planning, managing, and providing support for slum upgradation programmes across India. She also has expertise in land tenure and renewable energy issues, and has authored papers on habitat, housing finance, community development, and land tenure with World Bank, CEPT University, WIEGO, and so on.

Articles by Bijal Brahmbhatt

A woman getting her oxygen levels checked by a man wearing a mask and face shield_courtesy_Trinity Care foundation_Flicr_COVID-19_second wave_vaccine hesitancy

June 15, 2021
Understanding the COVID-19 second wave in urban Gujarat
The lack of state preparation for the second wave of COVID-19 has resulted in increased debt, vaccine hesitancy, and loss of livelihoods.
adivasis in jharkhand-urbanisation-land dispute-Picture courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

February 6, 2019
Urbanising around tribal land
Tribal communities living around urban spaces face a host of issues when it comes to unlocking the full potential and value of their land.
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