Ravi Verma

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Ravi Verma is Regional Director for the International Centre for Research on Women's (ICRW) Asia Regional Office in New Delhi. Over the past three decades or so he has worked on issues of men, masculinities, male sexual health and gender equality as they relate to violence against women, reproductive health including family planning, and HIV and AIDS in India and Asia. Ravi is also the Chair of the Indian National Technical Resource Group on Stigma and Vice-Chair of the Indian National AIDS Control Ethics Review Committee. He also sits on advisory committees on the government’s response to child marriage, gender-based violence and adolescent health.

Articles by Ravi Verma

A man and woman standing at the entrance of a house

December 13, 2018
‘Men-streaming’ women’s economic empowerment
Most initiatives around women's economic empowerment are largely myopic in their approach. Failure to recognise the role of men and masculinities in this context can pose a significant barrier to both women and men's economic well-being.
Masculine norms

March 7, 2018
We need to talk about men
While men have more privileges than women, evidence shows they come at a cost. Gender equality and a re-orientation of masculinity is a necessity for men.
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