Seedbeds allow a timely harvest for Odisha's Adivasi communities | IDR

A communal affair
Location IconRayagada district, Odisha
Two people crouching and taking care of saplings- Adivasi communities

Adivasi communities in Odisha have a diverse range of traditions, festivals, and rituals. And so, from hamlet to hamlet, the same festival can be celebrated in different ways. One, in particular, Bihan Parba, is a ritual that takes place before seeds are sown for harvest. Only after this is completed, can seeds be sown. Depending on the tribe, this often occurs on different days, and sometimes, even in different months. As a result, those who observe Bihan Parba at a later date are often late to the markets with their produce. This fetches them lower prices.

Developing community seed beds has helped with this problem. Here, seeds are sown as soon as the first hamlet celebrates Bihan Parba. After this, other hamlets are allowed to transplant these saplings onto their land once they celebrate Bihan Parba as well. This helps them make up for lost time, because it reduces a step in the process. Rather than sowing seeds and waiting for them to grow, they get to transplant the saplings, and thereby harvest crops in time for the market.

Know more: Read this article to understand how a community-based agriculture model can increase productivity.

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