Social Finance

British Asian Trust (BAT) is a diaspora-led international development organisation, delivering high-quality programmes in South Asia. BAT specialises in, and champions the use of, social finance products to drive positive change across the region.


This special 6-part series has been supported by British Asian Trust. This series highlights the role that social finance can play in driving long term and sustainable change in the country.
school children_impact bond

August 11, 2023
Five lessons from India’s education DIBs
Insights from three development impact bonds, for funders in the education sector.
two girls in school uniforms riding their bicycles on a road--outcomes-based financing

March 23, 2023
Outcomes-based financing: What do nonprofits need to know?
Pointers for nonprofits that want to capitalise on development impact bonds and other emerging financial instruments.
Classroom with school uniform wearing children-development impact bonds

February 4, 2021
“How can finance lead to more sustainable impact?”
Abha Thorat Shah and Saleem Khan of British Asian Trust talk about the appetite for social finance in India and what it takes to build a robust ecosystem around it.
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