September 14, 2020

Sh*t nonprofits say: Part IV

Now, more than ever, we need to constantly say, 'Now, more than ever'.

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tweet 1 from shit nonprofits say-nonprofit humour

tweet 3 from shit nonprofits say-nonprofit humour

tweet 4 from shit nonprofits say, 'we don't learn things, and we don't have knowledge--instead we have learnings'-nonprofit humour

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tweet 5 from shit nonprofits say, 'we must align, and shift. and pivot. but also transcend.'-nonprofit humour

tweet 6 from shit nonprofits say,'Foundation: we like to advocate for flat leadership structures on everything not related directly to us.'-nonprofit humour

tweet 7 from shit nonprofits say,'i know we're running out of time, so I'll make this very quick. I promise. I won't take much time...[talks for 23 minutes]'-nonprofit humour

tweet 2 from shit nonprofits say, saying 'now more than ever we need to constantly say, 'now more than ever'-nonprofit humour

tweet 8 from shit nonprofits say, ' i think the best way to reach our audience is to create a web portal'-nonprofit humour

tweet 9 from shit nonprofits say, 'we need to catalyze people'-nonprofit humour

tweet 10 from shit nonprofits say, 'our plan is to take failed, outdated best practices from the corporate world and apply them to our work.'-nonprofit humour

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