November 17, 2017

World Toilet Day 2017: Six ideas for sanitation

On the occasion of World Toilet Day, India Sanitation Coalition along with Dalberg Global Development Advisors share an interview series that captures diverse perspectives and approaches to addressing sanitation challenges in our country.

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Sanitation is a problem that cuts across all sectors

1. Naina Lal Kidwai, Chair, India Sanitation Coalition & Past President, FICCI
“We have to embrace sanitation as a cause irrespective of what we believe our CSR missions are as corporates, because sanitation underpins whichever space we believe we are in.”


2. Madhu Krishna, Country Lead – Water Sanitation & Hygiene, India Country Office, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
“We will not get the public health impact of safe sanitation if we do not look after the treatment.”


3. Rita Roy Choudhury, Assistant Secretary General, FICCI
“We need to go beyond the realm of CSR and look at sanitation as a business opportunity.”


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Things we need to focus on as we work together to improve sanitation outcomes

4. Prabhat Pani, Tata Trusts
“You have to lay down a fabric, by which data is constantly being collected.”


5. Neeraj Jain, Country Director, India, PATH
“Once the chain gets set up, you have lots of entrepreneurs wanting to jump in, so that’s what we need to create.”


6. Dr. V M Chariar, Professor, Centre for Rural Development and Technology, IIT Delhi
“I think we are using some pretty backward methodologies to promote innovation.”

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