April 10, 2020

A new work from home dictionary

We decided to come up with new, more accurate definitions for some popular 'work from home' terms.

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1. Quaranteen

When you eat because you have nothing else to do, in a manner reminiscent of your old college days—hanging around the canteen aimlessly.

2. Telecommut(e)ing

When your coworker (whose uninspired jokes always revolve around women, kitchens, and sandwiches) won’t stop whining about how he deserves a pay raise for juggling household chores and work, so you put his call on mute.

3. Video ch(e)at

When you have a video chat with your supervisor, and you fake having internet issues so that they don’t see that you’ve been playing dress up with your cat instead of working.


A cat in a costume

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4. Self-(ie)solation

When your over-the-top, extroverted friend starts bristling at the lack of social interaction, and spams the group chat with multiple selfies throughout the day to make sure that everyone still remembers what they look like.

5. Physical distan-sing

When you finally have the space to play 90s pop and sing along at the top of your voice without your colleagues constantly judging your playlist choices and your manager telling you that you’re being “disruptive”.

6. Webin-hours

When you attend all conferences and events via webinars, and start to wonder why you wasted hours travelling to and from conferences before the lockdown.

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