August 7, 2023

6 things the climate and I have in common

It's funny because it's true.

2 min read

1. In a constant state of emergency

A bear shivering in bed_nonprofit humour

2. Need funds to adapt (buy snacks) and mitigate (pay for therapy)

A bear throwing out cash_nonprofit humour

3. Forever in flux (emotionally)

A bear going through different moods._nonprofit humour

4. Given lots of advice, but no real help

A bear lying on the floor._nonprofit humour

5. All about energy conservation

A bear sleeping in bed._nonprofit humour

6. Currently paying for (your) past mistakes

A bear crying about the heat_nonprofit humour
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Cincy Jose

Cincy Jose works at IDR as editor – content and also manages its translation workstream. Prior to this she spent seven years in the publishing industry as senior copy editor at Juggernaut Books and editor at DK Books India. She holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees in English literature from Miranda House and Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University.

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Devanshi Vaid

Devanshi is co-founder and director at IDR, where she oversees audience growth, dissemination, global partnerships, and talent.In six years since IDR's launch, she grew the organisation's digital audience 82X times to 10 million people monthly, making it the largest independent media platform in Asia.