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Devanshi is co-founder and director at IDR. Prior experience includes working as a part of the advisory research team at Dasra, and as a news producer at Times Now. Devanshi holds a BA in English Literature from Bryn Mawr College; has practice in building out communication and dissemination strategies, as well as in creating digital, user-friendly content.

Articles by Devanshi Vaid

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer playing their characters in Killing Eve_nonprofit humour

May 9, 2022
Navigating a hybrid work set up
Let’s not lie, we would all rather be in pyjamas.
Elon Musk making a thumbs up gesture_nonprofit humour

April 29, 2022
If funders talked like Elon Musk
Imagine pitching to the CEO of SpaceX and the new owner of Twitter.
ration distribution during COVID-19-philanthropy in India

September 7, 2021
Reflections: Philanthropy in India during COVID-19
Vidya Shah of EdelGive Foundation talks about what funders did and didn’t get right during COVID-19, and what the way forward should be.
puzzle pieces starting to come together-well-being practices

February 23, 2021
Reflections on our well-being journey through the pandemic
A glimpse into the well-being practices we tried to follow through our time working from home, during the COVID-19 pandemic.
A person building a large building-valentine

February 15, 2021
When your job is your valentine
Enthusiasm level: Intern vs mid-career professional

April 17, 2020
A TV show for every quarantine mood
Regardless of whether you're feeling the need for some laughs, or something tangible to be angry about, we've got you covered.
Elastigirl-saving the world

March 18, 2020
Check yourself, before you wreck yourself
The first in a series of articles dedicated to exploring the relationship between inner well-being for social change in the context of India, as well as other countries in the majority world.
grafiti on generosity_givingtuesday

December 3, 2019
Can online giving change philanthropy as we know it?
Insights from GivingTuesday.
Kamla Bhasin

August 17, 2018
Nine things we learned from Kamla Bhasin
Invaluable lessons on topics ranging from social movements, to feminism, to Bollywood lyrics.
Profile of Muhammad Yunus-social and equitable world-Picture courtesy: Nasir Ali Mamun/Yunus Centre

August 9, 2018
IDR Interviews | Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus talks about what it will take to create a just and more equal world, and the power of individuals to bring about this change.
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