May 9, 2022

Navigating a hybrid work set up

Let’s not lie, we would all rather be in pyjamas.

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When your favourite co-worker schedules an in-person meeting on a day you’re supposed to WFH, and it’s at 2:00 PM which they *know* is your unofficial nap time

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When you’ve spent 1.5 years working at home, with limited professional interaction, no camera on, and now you’re in a meeting trying to explain why you visibly rolled your eyes at something your colleague said

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Watching two team members fight over whose responsibility it was to send an email, after being deprived of this petty drama for far too long

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Trying to succinctly explain to your family what the first day commuting one hour to the office and one hour back was like, when you have no energy left. 

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Learning how to talk to the person who used to send follow up emails, except now, they just walk over to your desk three times a day in an attempt to get the information they want

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The moment you realise that attending a 9:00 AM meeting now means waking up at 7:00 AM

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When your extroverted teammate is trying to explain how returning to an in-person environment is actually beneficial and just. so. energising.

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When your team member asks what the point of a hybrid set up is, when all the work happens on the days they are working at home

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What it feels like waking up on a day you’re working from home, your kids are at school, your partner is in their office, and finally, finally, the house is *yours*

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