March 13, 2023

Sh*t nonprofits say: Part IX

I’m calling in sick so I can get some work done at home.

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Tweet saying "If you need the money you are not eligible for this grant. If you are already funded, you are not eligible for this grant."_nonprofit humor


Tweet saying "I'm not comfortable moving on this idea until we've talked it into the ground and stomped out every ounce of enthusiasm anyone had for it."_nonprofit humour


Tweet saying "If I had to choose between saving lives and meeting my grant deliverables, I...would...still thinking..."_nonprofit humour


Tweet saying "As of today, anyone who isn't a director will be a manager. There will be no salary changes."_nonprofit humour


Tweet saying "It's important to make time in the week for writing things you know that no one will ever read."_nonprofit humour


Tweet saying "For this key leadership hire, we will only consider candidates who have washed out of their careers in the corporate world."_nonprofit humour


Tweet saying "Our new intern program has 2.5 supervisors per intern"_nonprofit humour


Tweet saying "Our media event will be more successful if we find a way to use live children as props."_nonprofit humour


Tweet saying "I'm calling in sick so i can get some work done at home without anyone bothering me."_nonprofit humour


Tweet saying "Our strategic plan will place a greater emphasis on the things we do poorly, prioritising the things we know we do well."_nonprofit humour

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