August 1, 2022

This nonprofit life Ep 21 | The animal kingdom of the social sector

In the jungle that is the social sector, here are some species you can catch a glimpse of.

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Illustration that indicates that social entrepreneurs and NGO leaders are the octopuses of the social sector because they are known to juggle many things at once and are solid problem solvers-nonprofit humour


Illustration that indicates that intermediary organisations are the chameleons of the social sector because they are known to adapt to their environment and change their colours as required-nonprofit humour


Illustration that indicates that the govt/regulatory authorities are the snakes of the social sector because they are expert constrictors, who may be necessary for the ecosystem but will suffocate you-nonprofit humour


Illustration that indicates that philanthropists are the peacocks of the social sector because they are used to being the centre of attention-nonprofit humour


Illustration that indicates that think tanks and academics are the crows of the social sector because they are highly intelligent, known to communicate difficult concepts to one another, and think a lot about the future-nonprofit humour
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Rachita Vora

Rachita is co-founder and director at IDR. Before this, she led the Dasra Girl Alliance, an INR 250 crore multi-stakeholder platform that sought to improve maternal, adolescent and child health outcomes in India. She has over a decade of experience, having led teams in the areas of financial inclusion, public health and CSR, and functions across strategy, business development, and communications. Rachita has an MBA from Judge Business School at Cambridge University and a BA in History from Yale University.