September 13, 2021

Your Zoom colleagues as Mr Men and Little Miss characters

You don’t need to meet people in real life to know which character they resemble the most.

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1. Miss Tidy

They rearrange, rename, and organise the shared folders every Friday. As a result, you aren’t able to find any of your files on Monday. But at least everything looks really clean?

a yellow colour smily cartoon with two pigtails and a handbag. Organised, forgetful, oblivious-Mr Men and Little Miss

2. Miss Brave

The only woman on an all-male government partnerships team. You don’t need to meet her to respect her.

a blue-green colour cartoon wearing a ponytail and smile and look of determination. Fearless, strong, confident-Mr Men and Little Miss

3. Mr Bump

During your last call, their dog ran in, leapt onto the table, and knocked their laptop over in the process. The time before, they dropped a cup of coffee over the notes they were taking.

a blue colour cartoon who is wrapped in bandages and has his hands out. Accident-prone, haphazard, liability-Mr Men and Little Miss

4. Mr Busy

You haven’t been able to find an empty 15-minute slot on their calendar yet, so you’ve never met.

a blue color cartoon wearing a brown hat who is in mid run. Diligent, on-the-go, engaged-Mr Men and Little Miss

5. Miss Curious

The only person on the team who is newer than you, and they’re already making you look good. The first team meeting they were a part of went an hour overtime because they would not stop asking questions.

an orange cartoon wearing a ponytail with a looking up in curiosity. Inquisitive, interested, inquiring-Mr Men and Little Miss

6. Miss Star

From the time you joined, you’ve been having weekly chats with them. Though, you have heard that they do this with every person on your 20 member team—which makes you wonder when they do anything else?

a blue cartoon, with orange hair, wearing green shoes, with a smile on their face. Dreamer, popular, go-getter-Mr Men and Little Miss

7. Mr Worry

The head-in-hand look is pretty standard for them. One time a colleague even got their kitten on screen and still, not a smile was cracked.

a dark blue cartoon sitting on a stool scratching their head in a look of worry. Concerned, dear, bad news!-Mr Men and Little Miss

8. Mr Slow

The oldest and most beloved member on the team. You only see them once a month, because that’s how often a team member can pop over and log onto Zoom for them.

an elderly olive cartoon with a white mustache and a green hat. Leisurely, sluggish, crawling-Mr Men and Little Miss

9. Miss Lucky

Picture this: Motivational posters on walls, rooms arranged according to Vastu, and knocking on wood every few minutes. You were never one to believe in luck, but this person seems happier than you are, so you’re thinking of giving it a shot.

a pink cartoon with a blue and red hat with a smile on her face. Fortunate, reader, imaginative-Mr Men and Little Miss

10. Mr Nobody

Their camera hasn’t been on during a single meeting since you joined the organisation eight months ago. Also, they only reply in the ‘chat box’ feature on Zoom so you’re not entirely sure what they sound like either.

a white round non-descript looking cartoon. Nothing, zilch, zero-Mr Men and Little Miss

* All images for this article have been taken from the Mr Men and Little Miss website.

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