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Amitabh Behar is the CEO of Oxfam India, and former executive director of the National Foundation for India. His areas of interest include governance and civil society, social action, and government accountability. He is vice-chair of CIVICUS, convener of the National Social Watch Coalition, and board member of the Global Fund for Community Foundations. Previously, he worked as the executive director of the National Centre for Advocacy Studies and co-chair of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty.

Articles by Amitabh Behar

colourful blocks painted as buildings with windows - wealth tax

March 9, 2022
“A growing number of billionaires is a sign of failure”
Unpacking inequality data, why India needs a wealth tax, and what business and nonprofits can do to tackle inequality.
men in bowler hats_painting_Adagp, Paris

August 6, 2020
The changing nature of nonprofit boards
The corporatisation of nonprofit boards is diminishing the impact civil society is able to achieve. 
road in a dark forest-civil society

May 28, 2020
Civil society’s road to irrelevance
By disengaging with politics, the development sector is relegating itself to the sidelines and marginalising itself.
lock and chain-lockdown

March 30, 2020
“A pandemic is not a law and order problem”
The government has forgotten that COVID-19 is a disaster and that we need to mobilise all the resources we have. To do this effectively, it must create a framework that enables civil society to join the fight.
People waiting to vote in West Bengal_indian elections_wikimedia commons

May 17, 2019
Elections 2019: A wake-up call for civil society
Civil society has played a key role in defending India's core ideals even when the opposition has been feeble, but it has largely remained disengaged from electoral processes.
4 women sitting with metal pots

December 21, 2018
Social enterprise is eroding civil society
The emphasis on technology-based managerial solutions for complex social, economic, and political issues separates the problem from its context, and often does not engage with the larger problems of society.
Farooq Ahmad

September 5, 2017
The needle has swung the wrong way: It’s time for India’s philanthropy reckoning
Indian philanthropy is punching well below its weight. With intolerance and inequity on the rise across India, philanthropic foundations must step up and focus on fundamental and systemic causes of exclusion and injustice.
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