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Anushree Parekh is a social impact consultant and researcher, with significant experience in corporate social responsibility, public policy, and nonprofit sectors in India and the UK. She set up the research and strategy practice at Samhita Social Ventures and continues to be an advisor to them while also leading philanthropy and impact advisory at Waterfield Advisors. She has a master’s in development studies from SOAS, University of London.

Articles by Anushree Parekh

light at the end of the tunnel_pxhere_social stock exchange

October 11, 2021
Are we moving towards a truly ‘social’ stock exchange?
SEBI recently approved the creation of India’s social stock exchange. We analyse some of the strengths and shortcomings of its proposed framework and operational structure.
conference room-CSR in India

June 17, 2021
How CSR decisions get taken in India
A closer look at the complex internal CSR decision making processes at companies, and their impact on the social sector.
An inclined wooden block tower jenga game with hand-social stock exchange

March 25, 2021
Social Stock Exchange: What India can learn from global examples
While designing India’s social stock exchange, emphasis should be laid on ensuring independent leadership, ensuring scale, building investor and donor appetite, and developing a viable business model.
top view of maze

March 11, 2020
What do nonprofits think of CSR?
A consultation with nonprofits in India highlights the trends and challenges of accessing CSR funds, and how the CSR ecosystem can be strengthened.
a group of women in an indian village-women economic empowerment- Picture courtesy-Ragini Menon

September 27, 2019
Corporate India needs to do more for women
Companies can support women’s economic empowerment not just through CSR, but also by examining and reassessing their internal policies and practices.
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