September 18, 2017

Indian miniatures on life in the social sector

Miniature painting in India dates back to as early as the 11th century. And yet, the scenes they depict hold relevance today. Especially for those of us working in social impact.

2 min read

1. The number of meeting invites in your calendar has you wondering:

2. What arguing with your ED has begun to sound like

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3. How you spend your networking breaks at conferences

Nonprofit Memes

4. Sometimes, being second line leadership feels like

Nonprofit Memes

5. When you’re trying to explain institutionalised casteism to that one, overly eager funder

Nonprofit Memes

6. What your late night thoughts have begun to sound like

Nonprofit Memes



These comic strips originally appear on Royal Existentials and Inedible India – check them out for more.



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