February 6, 2023

Can work, won’t work

Bitten by the quiet-quitting bug? Here are some early warning signs.

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Somebody asks you for your thoughts on the latest government policy and you realise that it’s been weeks since you thought about anything except Pathaan.


You spend more hours in a day curating your playlist of songs to work than you spend actually working.


You spent three days this week making a colour-coded work planner. You plan to spend the other two days making labels for the sheet.


You truly look forward to your coffee and tea breaks through the day. They bring you peace and quiet, and help you refocus. Sometimes they’re more than an hour long but who’s counting, right?


Your boss says there are no bad ideas at today’s brainstorming session, so you want to suggest cancelling the meeting. 

A digital artwork that reads, 'Sorry for your loss...(it's me. I'm quitting)'-nonprofit humour
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You wonder why the new joinees have so much energy and enthusiasm. You want to give them work at 5 pm on a Friday with a Monday morning deadline.


You spend time looking for new jobs, while on the clock at your current job.


Some people go to conferences to network, others go to learn. You go for the food and gossip.


You no longer want time off work. Instead, your next career move is to be a monk in the Himalayas.

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