August 2, 2021

This nonprofit life Ep 15 | Olympics 2021

Special track and field event: Infinite Hurdles, for the nonprofit sector. There's only one way to win: never stop running.

2 min read
Cartoon-people in a hurdle race at 2021 olympics
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Rachita Vora|Two champagne glasses illustration
Rachita Vora

Rachita is co-founder and director at IDR. Before this, she led the Dasra Girl Alliance, an INR 250 crore multi-stakeholder platform that sought to improve maternal, adolescent and child health outcomes in India. She has over a decade of experience, having led teams in the areas of financial inclusion, public health and CSR, and functions across strategy, business development, and communications. Rachita has an MBA from Judge Business School at Cambridge University and a BA in History from Yale University.