Water Security

Hindustan Unilever Foundation (HUF) works closely with nonprofits and state governments to develop solutions that create water security and well-being for rural communities. It focusses on water conservation and the promotion of efficient use of water in agriculture in some of the most water-vulnerable regions of India.


This special 25-part series has been supported by Hindustan Unilever Foundation. This series highlights innovative solutions that address the issue of water security in India.
A woman with her back to the camera holds an irrigation pipe in a field_small and marginal farmers

September 16, 2022
Making agriculture viable for small and marginal farmers
Organisations such as SSP and PRADAN are demonstrating that smallholder farming can be made viable through simple and consistent innovation.
Agricultural-frontline-workers-conduct-an-onsite-demonstration-for-farmers_Hindustan-Unilever-Foundation-marketing principles rural communities

October 19, 2021
Universal principles to drive behaviour change
There is more common ground between the private and nonprofit sectors than we imagine. Insights from frontline teams reveal shared principles that can amplify impact.
A woman wearing an orange saree watching a girl wearing a mask operate a mobile phone. The article that funders in the social sector have an incredible opportunity and obligation to change our one-way relationship with data.

August 17, 2021
Funders, it’s time we change our relationship with data
Data should be used to empower frontline workers, governments, and communities to take smarter decisions, not just for donor reporting.
young women being trained in a field-rural youth agriculture

March 11, 2021
The first mile goes a long way
Rural youth are a valuable asset. Bringing them on as frontline cadres in the water and agriculture sectors can strengthen rural development.
family holding ID card-PC.HUF

October 20, 2020
Leave no household behind
Access to basic entitlements is a critical safety net for vulnerable communities.
coconut grove_ Aseema Charitable Trust

September 10, 2020
Why are we only assuming the worst?
The pandemic is not the first crisis that the world has seen, nor the last. We need a manifesto of possibilities if we are to rebuild lives.
school boys drinking water-water

March 21, 2020
10 things you need to know about the water crisis in India
India is experiencing its worst ever water crisis. How did we get here?
women labourers transplanting paddy

February 5, 2020
Women bear the burden of India’s water crisis
Women are not just integral to addressing the country's water challenges, they are probably the only ones who can do it—at scale.
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